Healing Pathways

Adolescent Health, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention, Behavioral Health, Mental Health

The Healing Pathways Project is a community-based participatory research study involving 735 American Indian and First Nations youth and their families living in the northern Midwestern United States and Ontario, Canada. The project began in 2002 with collaborations between eight reservation and reserve communities and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). From 2002-2010 we engaged in annual survey interviews with youth aged 10-12 at year one of the study. The Healing Pathways project received new funding in 2016 from the National Institutes of Health (DA039912) to once again contact the original adolescent participants (now roughly 25-26 years of age) for three years of additional interviews about early adult experiences. 

Healing Pathways is now being administered from the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with continued collaboration with UNL and participating reservations and reserves. The last round of new interviews with original Healing Pathways participants is currently underway. If you participated when you were an adolescent, please click on the Participant Contact Form button to the right to update your contact information.

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