Accelerating equity via policies that can transform access to health and education, and uplift Tribal sovereignty.

Utilizing community-based participatory research, we partner with Indigenous communities to develop innovative, strengths-based research to address public health priorities and share our solutions with the world.

The Internal Center Advisory Board (iCAB) is a standing board which convenes the Center’s Directors and Executive Leadership Team. The iCAB members constitute a cross-section of the Center’s staff and faculty, with diverse skills and experiences, and is led by three co-chairs. The iCAB advises on matters that directly concern the Center’s community-based programs and strategic plan. The iCAB gives voice to the Indigenous and critical ally workforce within the Center to promote our mission and vision.

Recruiting and mentoring Indigenous graduate and doctoral students and early career Indigenous public health scientists.

Recognizing research intervention findings are meaningless if they stop at peer-reviewed publications that "sit on the shelf." We are committed to sharing our proven programs with Tribal communities to adapt and implement for their contexts.