Center publications reflect the highest standards in public health research and scholarship. Our faculty, staff and community partners submit papers to competitive journals that are thought leaders in their field. These are then rigorously reviewed by peer experts prior to approval and publishing. All publications that incorporate data specific to tribal nations are reviewed and approved first by a Tribal Internal Review Board (IRB).

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JHCIH has become a leader in health communications materials by working the intersection of world class research and grassroots work with Indigenous communities. Our subject experts inform evidence-based communications materials in multimedia formats, driven by the needs identified by Indigenous community members.

Our Process: Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked with a Tribal Advisory Board (TAB) made up of community representatives from across the U.S. representing 12 different tribes and 10 organizations. The TAB directed us towards the most urgent needs and vetted materials before finalizing. Through a joint effort to distribute through the TAB network and Center social media channels, we support communities nation-wide (see “Reach” for details).

Reach: Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our Health Resource Library and social media channels have become a trusted source of information. Our social media pages have reached over 1.3 million users. Our network of partners across Indian Country includes IHS facilities and tribal health programs which share resources both online and in print.



“The other positive is the concise wording, just straight to the point: this is going to help you. Indian country is small, [so] having names that they are comfortable with, patterns or designs…it’s packaged in a way that folks will respond to. I think it’s been helpful, very clear.”

– Tribal Advisory Board member



“[The materials are] very responsive time wise. It was really good that the center responded quickly. For the advisory board to say ‘hey we need to do this,’ give us your feedback and then turn it around to put something out… That’s been really helpful.”

– Tribal Advisory Board Member