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We work in partnership with tribal communities to design public health programs that raise the health status, self-sufficiency, and health leadership of Native people to the highest possible level.

Founded in 1991 and based at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health supports and implements public health interventions designed for and by Native peoples, with the mission to promote health equity for Native Americans. Our work includes behavioral health, mental health, infectious disease prevention, higher education and leadership development. The Center has offices in tribal communities across Arizona and New Mexico as well as a Great Lakes Hub serving tribes in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and along the shared border with Canada. Our Center is distinguished by longstanding tribal trust relationships and partnerships combined with the high standards of public health and scientific excellence of Johns Hopkins. We have produced public health solutions that have saved tens of thousands of Native American lives and scaled to the U.S and the world, saving tens of millions more. 

Our programs to improve health and well-being across the lifespan include:

To learn more, browse our programs and explore the impact we've had with tribal communities for over 30 years. 

All photos by Ed Cunicelli.

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