Stefanie Gillson

Institute Scholars

Tribal Affiliation

Dakota-Santee Sioux of Nebraska

I believe that connections between mental, physical, and cultural well being need to be viewed from both a clinical and public health viewpoint, and I strive to work within both fields to address the health needs of Native American communities.


Stefanie Gillson is currently a Psychiatry Resident at Yale University. Stefanie spends most of her time both in an inpatient hospital setting as well as seeing patients as an outpatient. Since she is still in training, she also attends lectures during the week and teaches medical students. When she is not doing clinical work, she is working on community based participatory research. She is currently looking at historical trauma in Native Americans with type 2 diabetes.  In attending her first institute course through the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian health she was reminded that there is a whole team of people supporting her and who are passionate about working with native communities. She was able to continue to build on her education and broaden it to include public health. She was able to reconnect with old friends and meet new mentors, ultimately becoming refreshed and revitalized.  She will use what she has learned at institute and apply it to her current role as a researcher and a clinician, especially when working within native communities.

Stefanie received her Medical Degree from the University of Minnesota. She received her Bachelor Degree of Science in Biology from the University of Minnesota. The lack of mental health support and community resources in Native American communities remains the foundation of why she went into medicine specially psychiatry. In the future, Stefanie plans on pursing a Master in Public Health degree. She hopes it will give her the training to help address the needs at both an individual and system level.

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