Pamela Gutman

American Indian Graduate Scholars Program, Public Health Training Certificate in American Indian Health

Tribal Affiliation



I grew up exposed to many different world cultures which lead me to start my career as a research assistant for an international community-university partnership at Arizona State University during my undergrad degree. From there, I joined a team of industrial psychologists to study communication patterns between Afghanistan and American employees at an international company during my Master’s degree in psychology. Wanting to reconnect with my tribe, I returned to Oklahoma. Due to the large health disparities within the tribe, I sought additional education from Johns Hopkins University. I currently supervise all the research projects performed in the tribe’s Human Services department. Most recently, I completed an evaluation on a home-visiting project addressing maternal and early childhood health.  I also volunteer as a member on the tribe’s IRB.


Master of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (2018)

Master of Science in Psychology, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ (2012)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ (2009)

Research Interests

Injury prevention, environmental health 

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