Kendrea Jackson

Public Health Training Certificate in American Indian Health

Tribal Affiliation


The Certificate Program helped to improve my perspective of working with an under-served and high-risk population and also helped to cultivate my professional development.


Kendrea Jackson (Navajo) works as a Health Specialist with Indian Health Service in Tsaile, Arizona. She received a BA in Native American Studies and Studio Art from Dartmouth College.

She recently received a Public Health Training Certificate from Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health. Kendrea previously worked with Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health in their behavioral department in Chinle, Arizona. In that position, she served as a Family Health Coach for the Together on Diabetes Program – an obesity prevention and intervention for youths - coordinated local efforts for the Yeigo Youth Lifestyle Management Project, a school-based obesity prevention initiative; served as a Senior and Affiliate Liaison for the Family Spirit Program, a home visiting program designed to address and reduce health disparities related to maternal and child health in American Indian Families; and coordinated formative development for the Mother-Daughter Program, a strength based pilot for young girls and their female caregivers.

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