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Developing the next generation of Native health leaders to transform the health of American Indian people

Building the capacity of Native Americans to lead health care, public health and biomedical research in their communities is the most impactful way to promote health equity. The Center for American Indian Health’s Scholarship and Training Program provides financial support for Native Americans to come to Johns Hopkins for world-class training in the health sciences, and thanks to many generous private donors, has supported and provided mentoring to over 1,700 individuals over the past two decades. With leadership from faculty members of Native American and First Nations heritage, our public health training incorporates traditional values and cultural wisdom.

The Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health has awarded over 1,700 scholarships to people representing 48 tribal communities around the nation.

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American Indian Scholars Program

The Center provides funding and on-site mentorship for Native masters and doctoral students in public health, medicine, and nursing at Johns Hopkins University. Scholarship support is based on availability of funding and may include support, in full or in part, for tuition, stipend, books and tutoring services.  Deadline for scholars applications are due March 31st annually.

Winter and Summer Institute Courses

The Center hosts 10 one-week courses during intercession in January and July at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The courses introduce core public health competencies such as biostatistics, epidemiology and research ethics through an indigenous lens to health leaders and paraprofessionals from tribal communities. The Center has awarded nearly 1,500 scholarships for study at these Johns Hopkins institutes. View course offerings

Public Health Training Certificate for American Indian Health Professionals

All eight Winter and Summer Institutes comprise an 18-credit, graduate-level certificate that equips scholars with skills to address health issues in tribal communities through multidisciplinary public health approaches and culturally relevant strategies. Over 100 students have enrolled in this inclusive program with a total of 81 graduates, which provides a customized pathway to postgraduate accomplishments for a diverse student body. The certificate is earned for academic credit.  The Center also offers an Award of Proficiency in American Indian Public Health for non-credit, making it accessible to those with or without a former collegiate degree.  What all students have in common is work experience in Native communities and a passion for promoting renewed well-being among their peoples. Apply for the Award of Proficiency.  

Associate Faculty Program 

Scholars who graduate from our programs are mentored to come back as Associate Faculty to provide teaching, training, and mentoring to future Native scholars.

Annie Wauneka Visiting Faculty Post-Doctoral Fellowship (This position is currently filled and is not available.) 

The Center provides support and mentorship for Native junior faculty who are interested in furthering their research skills in the health sciences.  Fellowship recipients are responsible for three main areas: research development, teaching, and mentoring.

Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship Program (This position is currently filled and is not available.) 

The Center provides Native scholars who have completed their undergraduate degree up to a two-year work and educational experience to strengthen their candidacy for further graduate studies in public health, nursing, and medicine. Fellows are paired with Center faculty and programs that align with their research and career interests. 

Diversity Summer Internship Program for Undergraduates

Undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds come for a 10-week internship with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The internship inspires many to consider careers in science, medicine, or public health. The Center awards at least 2 DSIP awards to Native scholars annually. Apply here.

Graduate Test Preparation Scholarship 

This scholarship supports classroom-based or online test prep materials for Native students applying to graduate level programs in public health, medicine or nursing. 

Training of Center Staff 

The Training of Center Staff program promotes educational and professional development opportunities for all Center team members. Each field staff member is matched with a mentor from the Center’s training team, who will help the staff member set annual educational and professional goals. Staff members then identify specific workshops and academic programs to meet their goals. In addition to the mentoring program a professional development workshop series is provided for all Center team members and a supervisory leadership series is offered for Center managers and supervisors.

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