Covid-19 Surveillance and Contact Tracing

COVID-19 Response

Native Americans are a vulnerable population in the U.S. with a history of being decimated by respiratory illnesses. They continue to suffer the highest rates of most infectious diseases compared to the general U.S. and European populations, along with socioeconomic disparities and high rates of food and water insecurity.

Our Center has deployed over 40 technical specialists in infectious disease, mental health, behavioral health, training, and communications, as well as more than 200 boots on the ground—Native American health workers in their own communities serving courageously during this time.

We are working with tribal public health departments and the Indian Health Service (IHS) on the Navajo Nation and other tribes to support surveillance, education and case follow-up within communities. The doctors and nurses we employ within the reservation communities are also available to work with IHS and tribes on contact tracing and outreach.

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