Covid-19 Emergency Food, Water and Household Supplies

COVID-19 Response

Food/Supply Deliveries

As rural tribal communities grapple with COVID-19, our team is working to help contain the virus, protect families from infection, and get urgently needed food, cleaning supplies, and other materials to families in need. Our workforce team of more than 200 people are now delivering food, water, cleaning supplies, diapers and other household necessities and other supplies to families in need in tribal communities including the Navajo Nation through our community health worker model.

One of our key activities during this time has been providing essential resources to families who are in community lockdown, under curfew and/or isolating and quarantining at home. Joining our existing frontline staff who pivoted to do this work, we have hired local tribal community members to help at testing sites and with contact tracing and related data entry; assemble and deliver food boxes and supplies to individuals who are at high risk for infection as well as to COVID-positive households so they can isolate and quarantine; and sew and distribute masks to essential workers, school staff and high-risk households. Our mobile food truck has also been repurposed for delivering supplies.


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