$100,000 Challenge Grant May Help Save Adolescent Reproductive Health Program

Adolescent Health, Mental Health, Sexual & Reproductive Health

The Federal Administration abruptly cut $213 million in funding in July 2017 that had been allocated to implement and evaluate innovative teen pregnancy prevention programs around the country. Unfortunately, funding for one of our Center’s key programs was included in these cuts – and it was one of few specifically serving Native Americans. Please read more about it here.

Using the results of the program and evaluation, our plan was to scale the proven program to tribal communities across the country who are seeking this kind of intervention. With the funding loss, this program that empowers Native American adolescents to make healthy choices for their future is in danger of ending completely, without the evaluation data needed for scaling.
There is a great need for this program, as nationally, nearly half of all Native American women have children as adolescents. And it is very difficult for teen mothers to finish school and climb out of the grinding poverty impacting 50% of families in the communities we serve. 
But there is some good news:  An anonymous donor has just given us a $100,000 challenge grant to help galvanize others to contribute and meet the $1 million needed to continue this program and complete the evaluation. 

We welcome any suggestions you have of foundations or individuals who care about adolescent reproductive health and might like to get involved, either financially or as political advocates. Please don’t hesitate to forward this newsletter or contact Lauren Tingey at ltingey1@jhu.edu if you would like to discuss.  Thank you!

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