Cradleboards Needed for CDC Museum Exhibition

Exhibit will focus on Family Spirit program and the contributions of Native Americans to public health

Behavioral Health, Maternal & Child Health

Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health is partnering with the David J. Sencer CDC Museum in Atlanta, Georgia in developing an exhibit about Family Spirit to honor the contributions of Native Americans to public health. The exhibition is scheduled to open late September 2019 and run through March 2020.

Part of the exhibit will be devoted to the resurgence of cradleboards among Native American communities from coast-to-coast. The Family Spirit program advocates for the use of cradleboards because they closely align with our mission and with Native American values. 

We are working with Louise Shaw, curator of the Museum, to identify families who may wish to lend their cradleboards for this exhibition. The cradleboards can be old or new, highly crafted or simply crafted. We are looking for cradleboards that are representative of North American tribal communities—from the Southwest, Eastern Woodlands or Northern Plains, and from rural and urban communities.

We invite you to be a part of history and participate in this project by contacting Louise Shaw at or by phone at (443) 287-5152. If selected, the Museum will pay for all expenses to ship the cradleboards to and from Atlanta and the cradleboards will be fully insured.

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