Covid-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has had a major impact on Native Americans. At one point, the Navajo Nation had the highest COVID-19 infection rate in the United States, and Native Americans have endured higher rates of severe disease and death from COVID-19. While we have flattened the carve, Native people continue to experience the burden of COVID-19 at disproportionate rates.

Our Center's teams across the country have been deep in the trenches helping our tribal partners mount effective responses to the pandemic when they have so few resources and such high rates of disease and death, including providing emergency food and water, hygiene supplies, handwashing stations for homes that lack running water, and producing and sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for tribal health care providers and responders, and more. We are now in the next phase of our COVID response. While the curves of new infections have flattened in many of the hardest hit tribal communities, we are now tending to the aftermath of the COVID-19 impact, including behavioral and mental health problems, helping families with small children cope, translating our school-based youth empowerment programs into virtual formats, continuing our scholarship and training programs for Native Americans pursuing careers in public health -- all while working to keep the virus out, and studying new treatment and vaccine candidates. 

Thanks for Your Support

In response to this public health crisis, many individuals, foundations and corporations have made contributions to the Center for American Indian Health's COVID-19 Emergency Fund. We are tremendously grateful for every critical gift to this fund

JHU Tax ID/EIN#: 52-0595110

Materials Development for Tribal Use

Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health is producing materials related to COVID-19 for tribes to distribute. Some materials can be customized with tribal name and local contact number. Read more. 






Emergency Food, Water, and Basic Relief Supplies

As rural tribal communities grapple with COVID-19, our team is working to help contain the virus, protect families from infection, and get urgently needed food, cleaning supplies, and other materials to families in need. Read more.


Surveillance and Contact Tracing

Native Americans are the most vulnerable population in the U.S., with a history of being decimated by respiratory illnesses. Our Center has deployed over 40 technical specialists in infectious disease, mental health, behavioral health, training, and communications, as well as more than 200 boots on the ground—Native American health workers in their own communities serving courageously during this time. Read more.

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