Environmental Health

The environment in which we live influences every aspect of our lives – culture, traditions, community, lifestyle, and overall health and wellbeing. Evaluating and addressing environmental health disparities in tribal communities is critical to achieving the highest possible health status for Native Americans. A core requirement of achieving positive environmental health outcomes is ensuring that communities have consistent and reliable access to safe water. CAIH is committed to supporting healthy environments and safe water access for tribal communities by understanding how the water access affects health and finding culturally appropriate solutions to improve access to safe drinking water. The sacred responsibility to nature that Native Americans embody serves as a model for the Center’s work promoting safe water access and finding sustainable solutions. We are grateful to our many key local and tribal collaborators, the Navajo Nation COVID-19 Water Access Coordination Group, and the Johns Hopkins Water Institute for their partnership, as well as the Osprey Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for funding this important work.
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