Vanessa Begaye


Research Program Coordinator


Vanessa (Diné) joined the Center for American Indian Health as an Intern with Dine College Summer Research Enhancement Program (SREP) June 16th, 2021. She began working as a Research Program Assistant back in July 26, 2021. Vanessa’s clans are Tachiinii Nishłi (Red Running into the Water Clan), Naakaai Bashishchiin (Mexican), Ma’ii deeshghiizhinii Dashichei (Coyote Pass) and Naakaai Dashinałi (Mexican). She is also a mother of two boys Khylen and Khyson Begaye. Originally from Lukachukai, Arizona and currently attending Dine College in Tsaile, Arizona majoring in Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Vanessa works as a team lead for Project Safe Schools.


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