Stacey Robbins


Evaluation Specialist

Like the land, culture cannot be contained. I am glad to have the opportunity to be working with the Center for American Indian Health. We help Native American tribes across the country with public health programs; we go beyond that by helping to strengthen their cultural connections. My goal in my career and life is to give back to my community while learning my language and culture.


Stacey is born for the Big Water people and Yucca Fruit people. She is from Klagetoh, Arizona and resides in Tuba City, Arizona. She is currently a part time student at Southern Utah University, studying Human Nutrition. She was previously a Community Connector, helping to distribute food, water, and PPE equipment to families located in the Western part of the Navajo Nation. Before this she was a student worker with the Special Diabetes Program, helping with various events in Tuba City and surrounding areas.


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