Samantha Yessilth


Research Assistant

When we teach others, we are not just spending time but investing it. This is a mantra I have been saying to myself every day since getting into the field of public health. This holds true to me as each individual I have met, especially those living in rural areas, have taught me that public health is much more than just passing out our brochures or putting up flyers. It is about taking the time to talk and work with each individual. From growing up in a place that has many health disparities, I know from experience how it feels to be overlooked. It makes one think about ways to better the surrounding community.


Samantha Yessilth (Navajo) is of the Tótsohníí (Big Water) clan and born for the Nát’oh Dine’éTáchii’nii(Tobacco People) clan. Samantha joined the behavioral health team at the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health in 2017. She has been working on the Family Spirit Nurture: Prevention Early Childhood Obesity Project. Prior to joining the Center, Samantha worked with the Apache County Public Health Services District as a health educator where she worked to enhance life skills among youth in the Apache County district. Samantha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health from Northern Arizona University. 


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