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Dr Raymond Reid is located at the Johns Hopkins research site in Shiprock, New Mexico. He arrived there in 1998 from the Whiteriver site where he had been since 1982. Dr Reid is a member of the Navajo tribe and originally from the 4-Corners area of Arizona. He received his medical degree at the University of Utah in 1979. He did post-graduate training and studies at Johns Hopkins University before finding out about pediatric clinical research being conducted on the White Mountain Apache reservation, Arizona. He moved to the Apache Reservation and became a member of the research team. After acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, research on the Apache reservation was introduced to the Navajo reservation which experienced identical health problems. In 1992, he witnessed the naming of the growing research organization as the Johns Hopkins University Center for American Indian Health.

Dr Reid has been a part of all infectious disease research projects conducted among Apache and Navajo children. He has seen the enormous improvements in the health of children on these and other reservations. More recently, he has assisted in behavioral health research which in the end is hoped to be helpful to Native people, especially the youths. Finally, he has also served as the intermediary which joined native people and non-native staff in all locations, including the staff at the Baltimore office location.



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