Brittany Begay


Research Program Assistant II


Brittany Begay (Dine’), is Táchii'nii (Red Running into the Water People Clan) and born for Bit’ahnii (Within His Cover People Clan). Her maternal grandpa is of the To’aheedliinii (The Water Flowing Together Clan) and her paternal grandpa is of the Oozei’ Táchii'nii (Adopted Hopi Clan-Red Running into the Water Clan). She joined the Center in January of 2021. Brittany began as a Family Health Coach with the Center’s PROTECT program and has assisted with Project SafeSchools and Asdzaan Be’eena’: Female Pathways Program.

Brittany’s motivation for working at the Center is to give back by promoting and improving the health and wellness of Native communities. She currently works as an Independent Evaluator (IE) of the Asdzaan Be’eena: Female Pathways Program which supports improving young girls and their female caregiver’s health and relationship.

Brittany has two Associate degrees in Biology and Health Occupation from Diné College and is currently pursuing a BS degree in Biology.


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