Melinda Charley


Research Program Assistant

I began working for Johns Hopkins 10 years ago and since then I found my place in Public Health. I find working in Public Health has its rewarding and challenging moments.  I work with a group of great individuals on the Infectious Disease Team.  My Team has inspired me every day with teachings and support they give to one another as well as the community we work in.   We each face and see the health disparities and differences on the Navajo Nation while working and living on the reservation.  I believe in practicing my Navajo Culture and constantly practice being cultural sensitive to my people to help better understand the issues and diseases they face from poverty, diabetes, and alcoholism.  I enjoy my job as an RPA every work day moment and love how rewarding it can be.


Melinda works as a Research Program Assistant for Johns Hopkins University Center for American Indian Health for about 8 years in Shiprock, NM.  She works out in the field conducting Public Health Outreach to our Research participants.  She works with our Infectious Disease Team where she also helps or assists in mentoring and training new staff who come abroad.  She has worked with our Behavioral Team ‘Together On Diabetes’ project where she was a Family Health Coach coaching young individuals on daily physical active and nutrition.  She began working for the Center since 2006 then worked for University of Colorado study project ‘SEARCH for Diabetes’.


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