Marissa Begay


Research Program Assistant

Resiliency is embedded in our genes, it’s the reason we remain. The vulnerabilities our people face are too often highlighted and while unintentional, we may overlook our strength as Native peoples. It wasn’t until I began working on a national home visiting program, that I recognized how alike our traditions and values are. There is so much power and gratitude in knowing how close we actually are to one another regardless of distance and history; it’s truly been the best part of partnering with the many communities we work with. Not only do we strive to share curricula on being the best mother/father one can be, but also taking a stroll down resiliency lane and remembering that greatness is already within us.


Marissa Begay is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation and began working with Johns Hopkins in 2013 as a family health coach on a diabetes prevention home visiting program for youth called Together on Diabetes. As a family health coach, Marissa worked with youth ages 10-19 and an adult support person to provide home based information on basic nutrition and physical activity as well as focusing on psychosocial health and highlighting life skills. From 2015 to present, Marissa works on the Family Spirit Program as the Program Manager for Logistics in Chinle, AZ. She helps coordinate the national office and supports all programmatic, training and technical assistance efforts. Marissa also works closely with contracting and finance officers in disseminating the Family Spirit model.


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