Lyle Beall


Research Program Assistant II


Mr. Beall a member of the Navajo Nation is Tl'ashchi'i (red bottoms clan), born for Todich'iin'ii (bitter water clan). Has been with the Center since February 2022, working as a Research Program Assistant II for the Strong Fathers program. For 15 years, Lyle was a construction worker holding the title as Foreman, leading co-workers on commercial projects in the Northern Colorado Area. During his time as a foreman, Lyle has worked with Fathers from all races, religion, and different backgrounds helping them to better themselves with Navajo Philosophy, because most have never met an American Indian in their lifetime. Lyle graduated from Navajo Technical College with a certificate in Automotive Technology as hobby for himself and as a side hustle. He enjoys being outdoors fishing, hiking, backcountry camping, and is a bit of survivalist.


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