Laura Brown


Study Physician

Working on the White Mountain Apache reservation for 25 years has been an honor and a privilege. Providing direct patient care is gratifying, but equally, if not more gratification comes from working on projects that will not only benefit this generation, but potentially many generations to follow. I am inspired by all the unique, worthwhile projects being done by the Center, by my co-workers who enthusiastically and humbly embrace their daily tasks, and by the hospitality of the White Mountain Apache Tribe which allows us to be guests on their beautiful land.


I have worked for the JHU Center for American Indian Health off and on since 1997. I am a Family Practitioner and have worked in Whiteriver since 1989. My husband has worked for the IHS in Whiteriver since that time, and 3 of our 4 children were born at the Whiteriver USPHS Hospital (the fourth was adopted from Ukraine). I have been involved with many of the vaccine trials that have occurred in Whiteriver including PNC-7, RSV, and the trial we’re currently conducting of a Pneumococcal vaccine for children. I also complete case report forms for Active Bacterial Surveillance and provide medical guidance for other projects when needed.

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