Ladonna Becenti


Research Program Assistant

I feel that the field of clinical research is one of the fundamental areas of science in today’s modern society. I feel privileged to observe changes and potentially discover positive outcomes. This is rewarding in itself. It is humbling to see the work I do manifested in such a positive way in my community. My inspiration comes from knowing our Johns Hopkins babies that I see on a daily bases are making a huge impact on the world.


La Donna Becenti joined the Center for American Indian Health in 2002. She has been working as a Research Tech in the Clinical and Field settings at Fort Defiance, AZ. She began with the Rotavirus study, moved on to assist with the Maternal Flu study, Long Term NP study, PCV 13 study, Water Quality study, HIRRI, and Active Surveillance. She is currently working with the SPNG study



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