Kyle Hill


Dr. Kyle Hill, a psychologist of Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota origin, has rejoined the Center as a faculty member at our Great Lakes Hub in Duluth MN. He will be working on an opioid meta-evaluation project and developing his research in the areas of traditional ecological knowledge, culture, historical loss, and health.  In addition, he will be working with our Training team. Prior to rejoining the Center, Kyle was Director of Behavioral Health with the Fond Du Lac Band of Ojibwe in Northeastern Minnesota.

Kyle began his career with the Center as a Post-Doctoral Fellow for one year as part of the Center's regular support and mentorship for American Indian junior faculty interested in furthering their health sciences careers. He worked with the behavioral health team to elucidate how positive social networks may help prevent youth suicide. This critical research builds upon findings that youth with suicidal behavior frequently report friendship problems, social isolation, conflict with boyfriend or girlfriend, and other factors as reasons for attempting suicide. Suicide clusters are also common among youth in schools or small communities. 


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