Kimberlyn Yazzie


Research Program Assistant

Working in Public Health, I have attained a personal goal by helping local Native American communities through education and intervention. As an RPA, it has made the learning process rewarding knowing that I have implemented the importance of the Center’s mission.  Because of the work we do, involved members of the community have gained a new level of respect in research.  Personally and professionally, my continued contribution is to strive for positive change and to carry on the aspirations of the Center.


Kimberlyn is an RPA and has worked for the Center for American Indian Health with the Infectious Disease Prevention Team since 2005.  Her job over the years has involved educating local community members regarding the importance of specific Public Health issues that defy her Native population.  Research projects she has worked on have involved many hours of screening participants, administering informed consents, collecting data/specimens, providing follow-up services, and continued education and training to uphold protocol guidelines to effectively conduct research studies that take place on Navajo land.  She feels the Center has greatly improved the health and awareness of Native populations, not only locally but throughout the U.S.


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