Jennifer Richards


Assistant Scientist

I am most inspired by the personal success stories of our program participants. A Family Spirit mom will tell us how our home visits benefit other children in her family. A Together on Diabetes parent will express pride in how they are still exercising as a family. A mother will report how her bond with her daughter was strengthened in our Female Pathways study. We have the data but it is these stories that inspire me. I am truly honored and humbled to work with my colleagues and community collaborators, especially elders, to eliminate tribal health disparities.


Jennifer Richards, PhD, MPH (Diné/Lakota/Taos) is an Assistant Scientist with the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health. Since 2013, Dr. Richards has led various family and child health (FCH) initiatives including: early childhood home visiting, diabetes prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, adolescent health promotion and fatherhood empowerment. With over 15 years of public health experience in Southwest and Northern Plains tribes, her research focuses on reducing AI health disparities through FCH approaches and Indigenous research methodologies. Jennifer obtained both her MPH in Maternal and Child Health (2008) and PhD in Health Behavior Health Promotion (2020) from the University of Arizona.


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