Jane Halpern


Study Physician

I have always had the desire to help improve the health status of underserved communities. The opportunity to work with the CAIH has been so rewarding from both a personal and a professional perspective. It’s the perfect job for my “semi-retirement.” I hope to continue working in Gallup with the terrific CAIH staff as long as I am able to make the drive from Santa Fe! It is truly a privilege to be a part of this organization.


Jane received her MD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and did her Family Practice Residency at UC-Davis Sacramento Medical Center. Deciding that she wanted to pursue public health as the most effective way to improve the health of communities, she moved to Baltimore to attend the Johns Hopkins/Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she completed a Preventive Medicine Residency, a masters and doctorate of Public Health. During this time, she began work as Director of Health Services at Towson University in Baltimore, where she felt she could put her public health and preventive medicine training into practice. During her tenure at Towson she implemented vaccine requirements for incoming students, established annual flu clinics on campus, managed outbreaks of flu and meningitis, and began reproductive health services for women students.  In the late 1990’s she also began work with the Hopkins Center for Immunization Research on vaccine and drug clinical trials for enteric diseases, primarily in Guatemala and Mexico. Since retiring from Towson U. in June, 2014, she has lived part-time in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but has continued working with the CIR on inpatient challenge trials at Hopkins/Bayview Med Center in Baltimore. In September, 2018, she began working as a study physician with the CAIH in Gallup, New Mexico, on the PCV15 and Melody trials, as well as helping with ABS chart reviews.  


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