Jaime Begay


Research Program Assistant


Jaime joined the Center for American Indian Health as a Research Program Assistant in September 2017. She always envisioned herself returning home and working alongside her community in creating opportunities and health initiatives for her people to prosper. She was fortunate to have such positive role models and a supportive network while growing up – her hope is to create that same circle for the youth she works with. 

Prior to joining the Center for American Indian Health, Jaime worked within the local hospital in her home town of Tuba City, AZ. It was there that she saw the need to further her education to help combat health inequalities and disparities specific to Native communities. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s degree in University Studies with minors in Community Health and Applied Indigenous Health Studies. While an undergrad, Jaime participated in a study abroad assignment in Australia where she toured Indigenous health care clinics in Hobart and Melbourne. The program included an orientation to health care challenges and programs beneficial to varying tribes of Indigenous peoples.

In October 2017, she was tasked with being the point of contact for a new and exciting preconception health initiative referred to as the Mother Daughter project in her community. She is appreciative and humbled to work with NativeVision and the Mother Daughter programs and positively impact the youth in her community. 


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