Francene Larzelere


Research Associate

Our youth live in an environment of many social and economic struggles. An opportunity to experience something new and unique will forever impact their lives. By supporting and encouraging our youth they are like flowers blossoming for the first time and showing the beauty they possess.

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I currently serve as a Research Associate at the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health.  I am an enrolled member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe and have served as the senior research coordinator for NARCH initiatives since 2004. During this time, I have been involved with all behavioral health, infectious disease and training projects, providing support in many aspects of the research process specific to this proposal. I have trained Apaches on how to follow study protocols and assure quality control. I have also served an important role as a liaison between the WMAT and the JHU office, and I have helped to build and maintain relationships with the tribal government and IHS review boards. I have managed several research projects related to suicide surveillance, prevention of intentional self-injury and binge drinking. I have been responsible for the following activities specific to NARCH: generating reports, giving presentations, and represented NARCH at both local and national conferences and meetings. My experience with NARCH projects will continue to make me successful as a co-investigator of the proposed project to continue our line of important research to prevent lethal substance abuse behavior in our community. 

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