Ella Paul


Research Program Assistant

Working on research for my people has an impact on my life.  The importance of health and awareness is my personal goal, helping and educating families and with my own family.  Working as a Research Program Assistant, I learned the value of research in studies to better the health of Native American population, and public education to improve in our health and share with our people.


Ella is a Research Program Assistant in Shiprock, New Mexico for 9 years.  She has worked for Center of American Indian Health with the infectious Disease Prevention since 2006.  Her job for the past years has involved recruiting and educating her local community on the Navajo reservation, and values the work she does with the Public Health issues that benifit her Native American population (Navajos).  She has worked with participants and their families, administering informed consent, work with Provider in Peds clinic and collecting data and specimen, follow up with participants.  Training on protocol guidelines to conduct research studies that is provided on the reservation through Johns Hopkins.


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