Dianna Quay


Research Program Assistant

When my son was still a baby, I was approached by a JHU employee, who asked if I would be interested in taking part in a study to help fight ear infections in babies. My son, at the time, had been seen for multiple ear infections.  I asked her what would be done and she explained the program to me.  I remember asking if there were any side effects, and was assured there would not be any, so I enrolled my son.  I believe it was the first Prevnar study on the reservation.  I remember her telling me that it may not help my son now, but it might help other children.  I wanted to help him and any other children fight ear infections.  He had more ear infections but several years later, I had other children and noticed they didn’t have ear infections, and asked the nurse why they didn’t have ear infections like my son did and she said that Johns Hopkins had a study and the medicine they studied was now given as an immunization.  I was impressed with this outcome and wanted to help children fight illnesses.


I have worked with the Center for American Indian health since November 2005. I have worked on several studies with the Infectious Disease Team.  I am working on obtaining my Associates of Arts in general studies at Northland Pioneer College.

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