Demetria Clichee


Research Program Assistant

My ultimate goal in life is to create opportunities for others to live a well-balanced life and reduce the health disparities that exist within our Navajo communities. My past research experiences have led me to understand the importance of research and I hope to pass that knowledge onto my community.


Demetria Clichee recently joined the Infectious Disease Prevention Team as a Research Program Assistant. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Northern New Mexico College in May 2017. She spent her undergrad summers conducting research at the University of Arizona and at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, TX. Demetria works closely with the Navajo community. She is currently assisting with the RSV-M-301, Adult Pneumonia, 10 Year Follow-Up of RSV-Related Asthma and Active Bacterial Surveillance Studies. 


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