Anna Sundbo


Training Program Supervisor

My interest in indigenous and global health stems from my time as a middle school teacher in a school where many children were refugees from various countries around the world. Those students taught me so much about what the world is like in different cultures' shoes, and learning from them enabled me to better help them. This respect, learning, listening, and adapting is embedded in the roots of the Center for American Indian Health and I am honored to be joining the family. 

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Anna Sundbo joined the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health in 2019 as the Training Program Supervisor. She received her Master's of Science in Global Health through the Eck Institute at the University of Notre Dame. Past research interests include health and science education, program monitoring and evaluation, infectious disease, and community-based participatory action. She has completed research in partnership with the Ministry of Health in Malaysia, aimed at developing new strategies to evaluate community-based dengue control programs. At the Center, Anna works with the training team on various projects to support the health education and public health training of Indigenous peoples. 



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