Farmers Workshops How To Guide

How to Use This Guide

This guide includes two parts:

  1. A downloadable Farmers Workshops guide that can be used independently, and includes additional resources
  2. An interactive website to develop your community’s own Farmers Workshops guide

Both of these guides are written as a series of how-to steps to aid in planning, implementing, and evaluating Farmers Workshops. These guides are designed for the CAB and partners to complete.
Download the example Farmers Workshops guide first, then use it to help you through the interactive website.

Examples are included throughout these guides, but feel free to revise the examples, or completely change them, to best fit your needs - you know your community best! 

The Farmers Workshops guide contains four sections:

Section 1: Farmers Workshop Visioning Worksheet
Section 2: Preparing for the Farmers Workshops
Section 3: Planning the First Farmers Workshop
Section 4: Planning for Continued Success and Sustainability

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