Suzanne Roberts Celebrates Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health

Science and Wisdom to Save the World - Stories on our Center premiered on the Comcast Network November 20

Science and Wisdom to Save the World: Featuring stories from the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health premiered on the Comcast Network Sunday, November 20 at 7:30pm EST as the first of two special episodes of Seeking Solutions with Suzanne.

Watch stories from the first episode here.

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About Suzanne Roberts

At age 95, Suzanne Roberts is a multi-talented television host, actress, child development specialist, wife of the late Ralph Roberts (founder of Comcast), devoted mother, and grandmother. 

She fundementally believes that every child in America deserves his or her best chance at the great American Dream. However, nearly 50 years ago, when she sugggested her family volunteer for a summer on the Navajo reservation, she saw American Indian children lacked resources, hope, and opportunities to thrive. 

Over the years, she sought ways to help. In 2012, she began to learn about the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health. In 2014, she generously funded the Suzanne Roberts Native American Dream Fund to help the Center take measurable steps to improve the health, education, and economic status of American Indian children, their families, and communities.

In addition, she led her Emmy Award-winning television production team to produce two 30-minute television shows to raise national awareness about the beauty of American Indian cultures and the Center's life-saving work.

We invite you to watch the shows and share in Suzanne's dream of equality for the First Americans.

Hope & Vision

In this special episode of Seeking Solutions, Suzanne introduces us to an organization that is very close to her heart – the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health. The Center for American Indian Health at JHU has partnered with tribal communities to find health solutions that have saved millions of children around the world while renewing the well-being of American Indians in the United States. The program started over 30 years ago with Dr. Mathuram Santosham’s vision of saving the lives of young American Indian children, who were dying at alarming rates.  [more...]

Science to Save the World

The success of the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health and the White Mountain Apache Tribe’s oral rehydration program was just the first of many medical advances this partnership would yield. Next, they turned toward other common childhood diseases that were affecting the children on the reservation at greater rates than the rest of the United States.  [more...]

Celebrating Life

The success that The Center was experiencing prompted new questions: Could this model of studying and navigating medical problems on the reservation be used with social and behavioral disparities? The Center and the Apache tribes were eager to see if the same model could be applied to problems like obesity, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy and beyond. It was time to explore ways to fix the problems on the reservations that could not be solved with a vaccine.  [more...]

Suzanne's Story

After arriving on the Navajo reservation, every volunteer was given a specific assignment. Suzanne’s assignment changed her life in more ways than she could ever imagine. She was assigned to help in the psychiatric ward at the only hospital on the reservation. The patients suffered from many mental illnesses from depression to alcoholism and drug addiction. [more...]

Read more and watch here.

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