FoodCorps Radio Diaries Highlight Center’s Feast for the Future Program

Podcasts highlight garden-based education aiming to improve access to healthy foods in Native communities

Nutrition Promotion and Obesity and Diabetes Prevention

Feast for the Future Program works to ensure American Indian children and communities have access to healthy and nutritious foods and promotes Native communities’ capacity to reintroduce healthy indigenous foods and agriculture.

Now a new FoodCorps radio diary highlights the program's work in Tuba City, Arizona, with Navajo children. The podcast highlights FoodCorps members Will Conway and Alicia Tsosie

Alicia picking beans in Tuba City AZ

"Teaching about gardening allows our youth to connect to what our elders have done but in a new way," says Alicia.

Listen here!

Check out the full FoodCorps Arizona radio diaries series here—produced with support from the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health and the Suzanne Roberts Native American Dream Fund. 

Photo of FoodCorps member Alicia Tsosie by Ed Cunicellil.

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