Ventura Lovato


Senior Research Program Coordinator

As a lifelong resident and tribal member of Santo Domingo Pueblo, the traits of a strong traditional Pueblo person have been passed down to me from my parents, grandparents and all the past generations of our people. This knowledge cannot be found written in a textbook or taught in a classroom. These lessons shaped me to have a strong awareness of my neighbors, community, and cultural beliefs. In return, I’ve had a lifelong passion to give back to my community and after high school this passion motivated me to finish my undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico. I am a proud first generation college graduate and hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. It has been an honor to be provided with such a holistic foundation that developed my passion to serve not only in my community but also in many other Native communities in the southwest.

I want to make a difference in the health and the lives of American Indian people and communities.  I am currently a W.K. Kellogg Fellow pursuing to further my personal and professional development goals to continue on the path of making that difference.


Ventura Lovato, a member of the Santo Domingo Pueblo, joined the Johns Hopkins Center for American Health in 2008. Ventura joined Johns Hopkins as a Senior Research Program Coordinator for the Native Vision fitness and nutrition promotion programs.  She is currently leading the Santo Domingo team team in developing a state of the art evidence-based nutrition program in partnership with and specifically for Native communities called Feast for the Future. Ventura is based at the Center’s Albuquerque, New Mexico office.