Tamerra Martin


Research Program Assistant

My inspiration would be my late grandfather, at every family get together he would express the importance of taking care of children: don’t let them go hungry, keep them warm in the winter, listen to them, and encourage them to stay in school.  I didn’t understand until I got older, that he didn’t mean just my own children but children in general.  I realize that the future doesn’t promise us anything, but we should make it better for ourselves and future children.


I have worked with the Center for American Indian Health for 9 years.  I started as an Administrative Assistant two years into the RSV study; I also contributed to the Farm to Table study, the Long Term NP study, the PCV-13 Carriage study, and the Water Quality study.  As the SPNG study was to begin, I accepted the title of Research Program Assistant and gained more experience as a Program Assistant; becoming more aware of the contributions of these studies.