Kathleen Norton


Field Director


Kathleen is an Associate Faculty member with the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health working as the Center's Field Director for sites outside of the Baltimore, MD area.  She has worked in a supervisory role in Native communities for 30 years and is always willing to take on a relationship or logistical challenge that seeks to improve workplace morale.  Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Music Therapy and a master's degree in Education.  She is close to completing a Masters in Business Administration with a Human Resources emphasis.  She believes that the human resources of each organization are where the true value is and as service leaders we are each responsible for doing our best to manage what can be managed in a positive and uplifting manner.  There are always things that we can never control so by working hard on the things that we can a difference can be made to better the lives of those around us.  She is married with three grown children and has a not-so-secret passion for guinea pigs and rescued dogs.

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