Dan VanDeRiet


Study Physician

Working for the Center has been an interesting experience.  The work itself isn’t always exciting (let’s be honest, there’s only so many records you can look at before your eyes go buggy); but it’s been good to learn exactly what goes into a large medical trial and it’s impressive to see the results of the Center’s work, for example the drop in vaccine covered infections in the Navajo and Apache people.  I’ve also enjoyed watching the research assistants working to improve their education with many working towards a certificate for public health, several becoming nurses and one who just joined the Fort Defiance staff as a pediatrician.


“Dr. Dan” is a family practice doctor who has worked with the Center since 2006.  He has primarily been involved with two of the Center’s recent studies—the RSV prevention trial and the SPNG pneumococcal vaccine trial. For RSV he was sent far and wide, at various times covering Crownpoint, Shiprock, Fort Defiance, Chinle, Winslow and Tuba City.  For the current SPNG study, he has pretty much been staying put at Fort Defiance interacting with hospital staff, reviewing medical records and being involved in a community street improvement project.


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