Crystal Kee


Senior Trainer/Affiliate Liaison

Since 2007, I have worked on the Family Spirit project in several capacities: home visitor, program coordinator, trainer and liaison with our partners in 40 tribal communi­ties around the country. This work is rewarding and challenging on many levels. I see the challenges that our people deal with—poverty, substance abuse, low education, loss of identity. The most devastating, in my opinion, is hopelessness. Each day, I pack my project car with my curriculum, tools and a commitment to try my best to bring a slice of hope to these families.


Crystal joined the Family Spirit leadership team in 2012, but has been involved with the program since 2007 as a home visitor and site coordinator in Chinle, AZ. Crystal works closely with affiliates by participating in outreach to new sites; conducting pre-training work; coordinating and leading trainings; providing technical assistance; and generally acting as a liaison between affiliates and the Family Spirit team.

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