Anthony Le


CDC Public Health Associate‚Äč

How can the world be so big and so small all at the same time? There is so much to learn and see, but there is only so much time to do it all. I am so lucky to be here with Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health and to simply learn more about the world around me. I feel privileged to be able to be here in Fort Defiance with JHU where I hope to make a huge impact on the people around me as they impact my life even more with all the culture and knowledge they have to offer me


Anthony Le joined the Center for American Indian Health in 2017 as a Center for Disease Control Public Health Associate. He has been involved in working with both the Behavioral Health Team and Infectious Diseases Team.  He has had a hand in starting up the Preventing Childhood Obesity Part 2 (PECO 2): Family Spirit Nurture program, assisting in facilitating NativeVision with youth enrichment and empowerment, and assisting with infectious disease components.


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