Suzanne Roberts Native American Dream Fund


Suzanne Roberts established the Suzanne Roberts Native American Dream Fund at the Center in 2014 in order to support and galvanize others to join in supporting the Center’s initiatives to improve the health and life outcomes of Native people.  The gift includes a contribution of $1 million as well as the support of Mrs. Roberts’ Emmy Award-winning television production team to raise national awareness about the Center and its work through television programming.  The fund will help the Center take measureable steps in demonstrating, packaging and scaling public health interventions to improve the health, education and economic status of American Indian youth, their families and communities.  A primary focus will be on behavioral and mental health promotion programs that use a cultural assets-based approach to improve children’s self-esteem, educational achievement, early and sustained patterns of healthy lifestyles, and entrepreneurship.  Mrs. Roberts is the wife of the late Comcast founder and chairman Ralph Roberts, and has been dedicated to Native peoples since 1969 when the entire Roberts family volunteered on the Navajo Nation.

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