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For more than 25 years, the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research & Policy—based at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health—has helped to redefine injury as a pressing public health problem and to promote it as a scientific discipline through high-quality research, advocacy and education. The Center has built a twenty-five year record of leadership in injury research, service and education, guided by a commitment to ensuring that quality research is translated into programs and policies that make a difference. In 2007, the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control honored the Center with its inaugural Injury Prevention and Control Health Impact Award.

Our centers are currently conducting a comprehensive injury needs assessment with the White Mountain Apache Tribe (WMAT) to determine the burden of injuries among the population and to identify opportunities to reduce injuries. The Needs assessment includes an analysis of E-coded hospital data and mortality data from the State of Arizona to determine injury patterns. To date IRB approval has been obtained and data is being analyzed. Once analysis is complete results with be shared with the WMAT tribal council to inform prevention programming

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