2nd National Conference on American Indian Health video...


5/15/17 - If you were unable to attend or view the livestream on May 1st, video...

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Home is Where the HEART Is


Native traditions hold dear the preservation of the environment—especially water and air. We...

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Partnering with American Indian communities to improve health and well-being.

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On behalf of our Center and the tribal communities we serve, thank you for your contribution.
You are playing an important role in renewing the strength and well-being of the First Americans.

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+400Community Health Workers Trained and Employed60% of our staffof American Indian Heritage
1980White Mountain Apache & Navajo Nation partnerships formed+75Tribal partnerships
+1000Scholarships awarded+50Courses in American Indian health taught since 2001
100,000Native families served50 millionChildren's lives saved by providing efficacy of oral rehydration solution
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